Empowering parents to navigate online misogyny with their children

Online misogyny is on the rise. Influential figures are amassing billions of views on social media by spreading harmful messages. And this is contributing to misogynistic behaviours in schools, with 29% of secondary school teachers and 19% of primary school teachers saying they have witnessed sexist behaviour from their pupils.

And this isn’t limited to children. Figures like Andrew Tate are hugely popular with young men and are shaping views and perspectives which threaten to undo all the progress we have seen around gender equality.

This interactive workshop explores the rise of online misogynistic influencers, how they have managed to gain such massive traction, the manosphere eco-system, the damaging consequences for young people and how we can have conversations with our children, as well as colleagues and friends, about this all.

Participants will leave the session with increased knowledge about online misogynistic influencers, the messages they are spreading and how and what they can do to feel empowered about addressing this within their workplaces, families and communities.

This talk is perfect if you are aiming to:

  • engage more men and dads in your parenting and gender network,
  • provide employees with an opportunity to learn more about an important issue in today’s society
  • help parents to understand how to navigate online misogyny with their children

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Posted on

September 13, 2022