Dads Do Hair: a haircare workshop for dads

‘Dads Do Hair: a haircare workshop for dads’ and ‘Roots & Bonds: a haircare workshop for parents and carers’

These workshops are an opportunity for colleagues to learn some new haircare techniques while having some conversations about connecting with their children and the young people in their lives.

We believe that the time spent doing hair is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the parent/carer and child.

The sessions are led by Dorcas Efayena from hair care specialists AfroPHbabe and Elliott Rae from the parenting platform MusicFootballFatherhood. Elliott and Dorcas will guide participants through the workshop, providing not only hairstyling tips but also valuable insights on building deeper relationships with their little ones. We’ll create a safe space to have conversations about how participants can build connection and share experiences on how everyone can help their children with their mental health and wellbeing.

The workshops are inclusive to all types of hair and all ability levels. So whether participants are beginners learning to do a bun or have some experience and would like to learn to braid, we’ll be here for you!

Attendees will leave equipped with

  • The powers to send their children off to school in the morning with a smile on their faces due to their grown-ups’ newfound hairdressing skills.
  • A new hair care skill as a way to develop the bond between the child and parent/carers.
  • A certificate and a goody bag which includes some hair care products to recreate and practice what you learnt in the session at home.
  • Some tips for how to better connect with their children for better mental health and wellbeing

The sessions are 90 minutes and a maximum of 15 participants per workshop. All equipment and materials are provided. We will just need a room with some tables and a screen to show some slides.

If you think the parents in your organisation would benefit from one of these sessions, contact us on

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September 13, 2022