Leadership, relationships and flexible working

Leadership, relationships and flexible working

This interactive keynote is aimed at leadership teams, middle and senior management. The session is aimed at helping leaders to think about how they can create an inclusive culture, build deeper relationships and help their teams to find a healthy work/life balance while still achieving high performance.

This session is perfect for a leadership conference, either during the day or after dinner. The audience will be challenged and guided through concepts around bias, diversity and inclusion with gender, parenting and flexible working at the heart. The audience will be left with some reflections and actions to takeaway.

This talk is perfect if you are aiming to:

  • Inspire and motivate your leadership teams to create inclusive cultures
  • Help your leadership to build deeper relationships and increase understanding of the challenges their staff will face
  • Support leadership teams to evolve into dynamic leaders who are able to effectively lead in the modern world

To provide a full service offer and ensure we achieve the desired outcome, this session can include:

  • Pre-meetings so I can understand your event objectives and tailor the session accordingly
  • A copy of my book, DAD, which you can use as a giveaway before, during or after the event (or keep for yourself!). I will cover the cost of p&p and deliver to any worldwide address.
  • Carefully crafted & proven communications materials to help you promote the event
  • My slides from the session which you can circulate to participants, and other staff, after the event
  • The event recorded (for internal use only and for 28 days) which you can circulate to participants, and other staff, after the event
  • A toolkit to support team-level conversations using content and outputs from the workshop to facilitate further conversations and embed culture change.

I pride myself on providing an excellent service and tailoring my work to provide unique solutions to help address your objectives. Please do get in contact to discuss how we can design a session that works for you.

Please email hello@elliottrae.com

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September 13, 2022